Air Purifier

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Let me explain you shortly the reason why I am helping people getting a personal air purifier device. 

I have always been concerned by  the impact of pollution on heatlth. 
 Since I am 19 years old, I have bought some electro-magnetic field detector, fine particle readers known as ambiant PPM detector and obviously in 2010, a Geiger counter measuring radioactivity. So to say that I have been interested and studying about all types of pollutions for over 20 years . 

My wife comes from Jakarta which is sadly one of the most polluted city on the planet. 
Since five years, something strikes me and keeps me awake at night.
Almost every month, I hear a friend, a family member , a colleague just learned he got a cancer. Any kind of cancer striking all generations. Some eat healthy, many do sport regularly . 
 When I see my wife reading her message with a panicked face, I know that a friend of her  got a cancer ( again). 
   I have studied the subject during many years and I do believe that the nano particles called PM2.5 are the main cause of the cancers . 
I have added several studies and video released by the Whorld health Organisation, the UNICEF and hundreds of  prestigious scientists and their conclusions leaves no doubt: the micro particles reduce your life, hurt the development of our children and trigger  cancers. 

Now it s up to you to understand the facts and take action. 
Today, you can  protect yourself and your family like I have been doing since I discover that , if we can’t change the world around, at least we can prevent theses deadly particles from entering our lungs, blood and every organs inside our body.