Air Purifier

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Product Description 

The Air purifier Avic-HE is the world’s most effective personal air purifier on the market . Its Ionic Technology emits a stream over 20 Millions of negative ions that keeps pollutants away from you. 
The Avic-HE creates a protective sphere free from PM 2.5 pollutants  (smoke , viruses, pollen,molds and other bugs) . 
Combined to a mask , the Avic-HE keeps the microparticules PM 2.5 that would otherwise pass through most FFP2 and N95 Masks . 
It is USB rechargeable and it provides 30+ hours of run time on one charge. 
You can wear it around your neck using the conductive adjustable strap provided . 
Note that this special conductive strap  dramatically increases your protection against harmful micro pollutants.

The technology

Negative ions are usually measured in ions per cubic centimeter per second and you would be looking for an output of at least 1 million cm3/sec to be effective .
If you are looking for the best personal air purifier that produces negative ions, rather than ozone. 
We have tested and selected for you the very best protection that can travel with you everywhere, no matter how polluted the air is.
You can use your air filtration device when walking down in street, at work , in plane and other crowded public transports.

Technical Information

Negative Ion ( 5 cm) : >8 millions pcs/ cm3

Installation : portable

Charging time : 3-4h

Power source : Battery, Electrical

Power : 1

Size (LxWxH) : 80x 37x 24 mm

Voltage (V) : 5

Power supply : Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Negative Ion (output) : > 20 millions pcs/ cm3

Battery running : 30-35h

Weight : 50g

Certification : CE

Function : Release negative ions to remove bacteria,allergen, smoke, PM 2.5

Type : Air ionizer

Capacity(CFM) : 20

Applicable Area : 1m3

Application : CAR,RV,OUTDOOR, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household, Air travelling, Home, Office, Ward of hospital, Classroom, Bus